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With the iOS14.5 update, users will by default be opted out of IDFA. Without IDFA, advertisers cannot track users via device ID.
There will be two major changes:

  • App Tracking Transparency (ATT) will require apps to ask users for permission to track their IDFA. With most users expected to opt out, this means that most bid requests will not contain IDFA.
  • SKAdNetwork (SKAN) will become the primary attribution framework for iOS 14.5 devices. With SKAN, postbacks contain sparse data (no IDFA) and are delayed. This means that there will be less data to track and optimize off of.

These changes affect all players in the industry

  1. Pre-ATT – iOS 14.4 devices and older, which will continue to use MMP for attribution
  2. Post-ATT – iOS 14.5+ devices in SKAN compatible publisher apps, which will use SKAN for attribution
  3. Non-measurable – iOS 14.5+ devices in SKAN incompatible apps, which will not be measurable

We expect availability of Pre-ATT and Non-measurable to dwindle as users begin to update their devices and as supply partners continue to adapt.

  • ROAS will be harder to optimize for
  • User level targeting will not be possible (ex: age, gender)
  • Reporting will be limited to geo and top source apps
  • Re-Engagement scale will drop for iOS campaigns since it is no longer possible to distinguish between new and existing users

Note that all these changes affect iOS only and do not affect Android.

  • First, we scaled up buying of Limit Ad Tracking traffic to train ML to bid and optimize efficiently without relying on IDFA.
  • Second we launched the No IDFA? No Problem campaign to help educate the industry and the steps everyone needs to take to be prepared.
  • Third, we created Post-ATT campaign for customers (in addition to their existing iOS Pre-ATT campaigns). Post-ATT campaigns are set to be in their most optimal state at the time of launch with efficient ML bidding and the best performing creatives from their Pre-ATT campaign counterparts.
  • Finally we’re auto-adjusting budget between Pre-ATT and Post-ATT campaigns proportional to supply changes so customers are spending efficiently across both inventories

No, Apple has explicitly communicated that any workarounds to IDFA for opt-out users are forbidden. See here

  • We will not support fingerprinting per Apple’s guidelines;a blog post detailing our position can be found here
  • Post-ATT campaigns are ATT compliant by default. We will be removing all personally identifiable information like device model, user agent, OS version, and IP address on opt-out traffic. This prevents MMPs from doing probabilistic matching on users that decline consent.

Work with your Account team to:

  1. Update your MMP SDK to support SKAN
  2. Understand Post-ATT campaign constraints
  3. Set-up conversion values
  4. Confirm Liftoff is receiving your SKAN installs and conversion values
  5. Confirm Post-ATT goals

Conversion values are a value from 0 to 63 that can be mapped onto a series of in-app events to track a user’s engagement after installing an advertised app from a SKAN campaign.

  • Liftoff recommends advertisers work closely with their MMPs to assign the ideal conversion value strategy and alert Account teams if they have been updated for visibility.

We recommend choosing 12-17 best performing evergreen creatives to run for post-ATT campaigns. We recommend using up to 2 creatives per ad size and ad format.

  • We can run up to 25 creatives at a time. However, if all 25 are in use and we need to rotate another one in, we would need to wait a week before setting the new one live to ensure that conversions are attributed to the right creative.

We don’t receive time stamps for down funnel metrics, such as installs and events, and therefore cannot accurately tie them to upper funnel metrics, such as impressions and clicks.